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Giraffe Theme Birthday Party

Giraffe's are the tallest living on planet Earth. They can grow between 16 to 20 feet tall. Giraffe spots can be orange, brown, chestnut or black in colour. Portraying the Giraffe in Orange makes the party decor lively and colourful. Kids are facinated by Giraffe's because of their height. Having your theme party decor based on a cute baby Giraffe pumps up a kids birthday party.

Games for a Giraffe Theme Birthday Party

  • Giraffe Quiz - An information quiz about all the facts of a Giraffe. Eg : Which is the tallest animal in the world, What is the height of a Giraffe, What is their main food, How do they drink water, What noise do they make, etc
  • Fell the fruit - Suspend a ball from the ceiling a little higher than the participants reach. Give them a bat to hit the ball with. The most number of hits in a fixed number of attempts decides the winner.