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Pingu - Penguin Theme Birthday Party

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Pingu - The Penguin Theme Party
Pingu, a penguin, is a cartoon series which revolves around a young penguin named Pingu. The series features Pingu's friends - Pingo, Pingg, Pongi, Punki, Bajoo, Pingi and Robby - a seal. This Pingu party features the main character Pingu who is a penguin and his friends, family and home.

Games for Pingu - The Penguin Theme Party

  • Iceberg Hopping - Lay 4-6 white pillows on grass or carpeted flooring in a straight line. These act as icebergs. The kids are lined up and have to hop from one iceberg to the next and reach the finish line without falling off or slipping from an iceberg. The winner is the one who takes the least time to reach the finish.
  • Four Corners - This is a musical game for both kids and adults. Four corners are designated with character names and players are asked to dance around the four corners till the music plays, at the end of which they have to choose a corner. A designated person is blindfolded before the start of the game. When the music stops he calls out a character and all kids in that corner get eliminated. This continues until there is only one player left.
  • Feed Pingu - Have a large poster/cutout of Pingu with his mouth open. Cut out the mouth section so a small fish cutout can easily pass through it. The gameinvolves kids/adults throwing the fish through Pingu's mouth. The winner can be decided by the most number of fish fed into Pingu's mouth with-in a specific amount of time, usually 30 seconds.